Use Yoga to increase your enjoyment of life

I do!


There are so many ways to find peace and joy

Try my classes!

Embrace your body

Stretch and strengthen

Move with ease

Build a flexible spine, stable joints and great core strength

Calm inflammation, boost immunity and improve heart health

Lift your energy

It’s easier to enjoy life when you are energetic and enthusiastic

Unblock the energy already available in your system

Flow, balance, revitalise

Calm your mind

With clarity you can make more effective choices

Calm feels so good!

There are many techniques to transform emotions and focus the mind – find what works for you

What brings you joy?

I help you find what works for you

Potent techniques you can easily incorporate in a busy life

I specialise in...

  • Making yoga fun and accessible for everyone
  • Relieving stress and improving mood
  • Finding the yoga you love that helps you meet your goals
  • Yoga for back pain, joint pain, emotional pain and chronic conditions
  • I do this through
    • General classes
    • Private sessions
    • Mature age classes
    • Workplace classes
    • Kids yoga
    • Trauma aware yoga
    • Workshops

What my clients say

Robyn’s yoga classes have been life changing for me, not only through building my physical resilience but also thorough bringing me emotional calm in difficult times. I have learnt to focus on the here and now, savour the moment and capture positive thoughts and feelings to take me forward. Robyn’s classes are fun and uplifting. No pressure and no pain. An absolute highlight of the week.
Mary 53
I have been attending Robyn’s classes for four years. Robyn is a great teacher and a warm and caring person who readily accepts, accommodates and supports all her students, including those with injuries, to do the exercises in whatever ways work for them. A saying is : “No pain, no pain”. In the classes I have learnt ways to help me cope better with life’s challenges. The classes have been a constant positive and are something I always look forward to. Thanks Robyn
When my daughter was really distressed after she woke from a nightmare, she used the ‘long time sun’ goodbye song from [kids] yoga to settle back to sleep.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

The amazing benefits of yoga

 reduce and control stress levels
decrease back pain
improve spine flexibility
increase energy
enhance mood and emotional balance
more refreshing sleep
improve breathing and circulation 
boost immune function 
increase joint mobility 
lower risk of heart disease
(Research details in resource section)

Connect with me

Find potent practices that transform your life


Classes at: All Saints Anglican Hall
9 Cowper St, Ainslie
or Canberra Senior Centre Hall 10 Watson St, Turner


0409 932 200

Business Hours

Monday/Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 12am

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