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General Dru Yoga Evening Class

These fun, moderately gentle classes increase your flexibility, strength and vitality, while improving your mood.  Great for reducing anxiety.  Come along and try fun warm ups, rejuvenating postures and easy breathing techniques followed by a nurturing relaxation.   Chronic conditions and those recovering from injuries welcome.

      Start any time during the term.

Thursdays 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Canberra Seniors Centre Hall 
10 Watson St, Turner – easy parking opposite the venue.
$23 casual rate
$180 per 10 week term

20% Concessions available for students/penisoners ($18 casual, $150 term rate)


General Dru Yoga Daytime Classes

Do you wake stiff and sore in the morning?  Do you have back or joint pain?  Feel tired? Then these are the classes for you!  These gentle but powerful classes move through the body to stretch and strengthen the muscles, add mobility and stabilisation to the spine and joints, and improve your mood.  Movement and breathing techniques help increase circulation and vitality. Powerful, nurturing relaxations integrate it all.  You are welcome to connect with others interested in improving their health by coming out for a ‘cuppa’ afterwards.

Mondays and Thursdays

9:30am – 11:00am

All Saints Church Hall

9 Cowper St, Ainslie – easy parking next to the venue

$23 per class casual

$180 per 10 week term (Thursdays),  $144 per 8 week term (Mondays with 2 public holidays), or $300 for both days.

20% Concessions available for students and seniors ($18 casual, $150/$115 term rate)

Begins Monday 30 April and Thursday 3 May 2018, but you can start anytime during the term.

Workplace Classes

Stretch and strengthen your body, clear and calm your mind and increase your productivity.  Deal with stress in ways that provide lasting relief.  Great for decreasing back pain, improving sleep and increasing resilience.  Choose our yoga or yoga/meditation program for these rejuvenating 50 minute lunchtime classes. 

Contact me to set up a class in your workplace. 

Dru Meditation

Try meditation the easy way.  Classes start with some simple yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques to calm the body and slow down the mind – making it so much easier to concentrate in the meditation practices…..and yes, you can do it in a chair!


No community meditation classes at present.  Contact me to set up a class in your area.

Kid's Yoga

Helps children to calm and focus, be present with their emotions, develop co-ordination and resilience.  Programs are available for toddlers through to teenagers.  Community classes, childcare centres, preschools, schools and after-school care and holiday programs.


Contact Robyn for more details.

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