Scientific research is validating what yogis have developed over centuries, so for those of you who love to read the latest research on how this stuff works, or why it’s so good for you, I’ve listed some of my favourite articles, websites and podcasts. 

Benefits of Dru Yoga
(Academic arcticle)

Dru Yoga is highly effective for reducing stress, easing back pain, boosting wellbeing and lifting your emotions and quality of life. See the recorded benefits from only 6 weeks of Dru Yoga.  
This study pioneers efforts to show that Dru Yoga benefits not just your physical health. Dru Yoga also benefits your emotional, mental and spiritual life – all of which are likely to improve your relationships, sense of purpose and connectedness to what’s important in your life.

Dru Yoga Survey Results
In 2005 we asked 440 Dru practitioners across the world what their experience was, and this is what they said.

Yoga is as good as more strenuous exercise for cutting heart disease risk
Yoga International Article
Telegraph Article
Yoga could be particularly useful for people with existing heart conditions who cannot do strenuous exercise, such as those with arthritis or the elderly, or people who just don’t like full on exercise.  The benefits are so great the researchers are struggling to identify why yoga is so effective – and suggest it may be due to stress reduction.

Yoga benefits for Arthritis
Practising yoga regularly can reduce pain, increase flexibility, improve function and lower stress.

Meditation and aerobic exercise
Meditation and aerobic exercise together can help beat depression.

Yoga Australia Resources List

A compilation of some of the most recent research into the health benefits of yoga, listed under different categories (eg back pain, mental health)

Yoga Alliance Resources List

A compilation of research on the benefits of yoga, listed in categories and updated quarterly. Often you will only be able to read the abstract (summary) of the academic articles, unless you are subscribed to the research journal.

Benefits of Meditation  (Academic article)
8 week mindfulness based stress reduction program induced brain changes similar to traditional long term meditation.

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